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A Unique 3D Cutting Game Inspired by QiX but So *SO* Much More....
Trapped Fiery
Trapped Fiery

The Drones have kidnapped Curvebot's Fiery Friends and it's down to you to help before they give up hope.

Curvebot, The Game

The concept is very easy!

Curvebot can free his Fiery Friends by cutting away the shape surrounding them. You control Curvebot using the on-screen buttons to steer him through each cut.

Watch out for the Drones that will try to stop you. Avoid these or, even better, cut them out for extra credit.

There are 72 different levels spread over 12 worlds. Each level has its own shape to cut out and each world has its own graphical style.

Throughout the game there are numerous variations to keep things spiced up; including floating bubbles, Russian Blocks, shooting bosses, homing mines, Pacman ghosts, Evil Bears, Groovy 70's Throwbacks and even Curvebot Croquet!.

The Drones

Not all Drones are created equally. Curvebot has to contend with 8 different types of Drone, each with unique AI and capabilities.

All Drones

Blockhead. This is your basic entry-level Drone - slow and plodding.

Bear. A failed experiment in cuddly Drones. Who would ever want to cuddle that though!

Bounder. This is a quick-thinking, quick-acting Drone. He'll be all over you unless you get some boost balls and out-run him.

Zipper. Super speedy, but blind as a bat! Keep an eye on where he is at all times.

Saucer. Not in any way speedy! But very quick thinking. <ObiWanKenobi>"Use the boost balls Luke!"</ObiWanKenobi>

Groovy. A Drone infused with experimental grooviness. Cut him some Peace and you may escape.

Ghost. Another experimental Drone - cut out a cherry and he'll get scared and run away!

Big Boss. He just sits there shooting! Powerline coins will help a lot with this fellow!

Curvebot's Little Helpers

Curvebot gets little bits of help on his quest. This comes in the form of Boost Balls, Clever Coins and your Tail.

Boost Balls. Every time you cut out a big chunk, a Boost Ball is released. Catch this and you can get a handy speed boost to help you avoid the Deadly Drone Touch.

Long Tail
Check out my tail

Tail. Your Boost Balls are stored on your tail. The longer your tail, the more score you will get - but watch out; getting caught by a Drone will cost you your tail.

The numbered white links on your tail are awarded when you complete each of the 10 "Tail Challenges" - these are Drone proof and will give your score a huge boost!

Clever Coins. These are placed throughout the levels. There are 7 different types, each with unique properties. They only last for the duration of the next cut so "Think twice, cut once" (as my old woodwork teacher used to say)

All Coins

Other Features

Curvebot is designed for "pick-up-and-play-for-a-bit" and includes a great built-in Tutorial to help you learn the ropes.

At the end of each level there is an Action Replay that will show each cut that you made. It's pretty cool, but it can suck you in; leaving you staring at it like a lifeless zombie.

Most of Curvebot's music has been specially commissioned and has a great vibe to it. If you want to play your own Background Music then Curvebot completely understands and will support this perfectly.

Curvebot fully supports Game Centre with leaderboards and achievements. It'll even synchronise perfectly if you play on multiple devices with the same Game Center account.

There are 10 Tail Challenges for you to complete. Each of these will let you play in a completely different way - you'll be aiming for long cuts, big cuts, fast cuts, safe cuts and even few cuts.

Curvebot fully supports Retina Display and will take advantage of iOS 4 if you have that. All graphics run at a super silky smooth 60 FPS. It also really rocks on your iPad (and rocks even more if you have a iPad 2!).

Curvebot's a super efficient bot and will only take 5Mb of your precious memory (and will be really quick to download too)

Welcome to the Curvebot video.

Inca Graphics

Curvebot's graphics system was designed from the ground-up to be completely focused on iPhones, iPads and iPods. I wanted to get the absolute maximum out of these particular devices - without worrying about supporting any other type of device.

This means that there are none of the usual compromises and trade-offs in the design. Curvebot runs at 60 frames per second on a Retina display and still does not cook your hands!

Another feature is the total lack of "Please wait, Loading" screens. You can enjoy every short little pocket of gaming time with nothing to stand in your way.


Cuvebot Questionmark

Scoring in Curvebot is pretty head-scratchingly complex! Testing the scores system in Curvebot sent me over the edge of insanity into a world with orange poodles drinking soup through plastic staws.

Here are the core principles;

There is loads more, involving cutting out the Drones, collecting Clever Coins and Boost Balls. But these are the icing on the Tasty Chunk Cake.

At the end of each level you are awarded stars based the overall cutout percentage - these are averaged over the entire world for the final award.

Final CutAward
OK Cutout - 80.0%
Good Finish - 85.0%
Excellent Moves - 90.0%
Superior Playing - 92.5%
Curvebot Elite - 95.0%


Curvebot was started on 14th December 2010 and submitted on 4th July 2011. It's release date is 14th July 2011.

The first massive update was 25th September 2011 bringing loads more levels and features.

Curvebot was crafted/obsessed over by Elpixo (me!)

I had some great help from;

A Huge Big Massive Thank You to everybody who helped to test Curvebot - your suggestions, help, tips, feedback and dissin' really helped to keep me on track - you all rock!

Welcome to the support page. Currently, nothing's broken.

If you find something new please let me know; support@elpixo.com

Broken Curvebot